dunsborough crabbing

hey guys.

heading down to dunsborough for a few days with the family, and dragging the boat.

was thinking of bringing the crab nets as may be fun for the kids.

anyone know if there have been any around lately, or if i will be wasting my time?

was thinking of heading of the quindalup boat ramp and trying around the moorings and sand patches, based on my reading.

cheers for any info!!


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 You get them on the edge of

Tue, 2023-01-24 13:07

 You get them on the edge of the weed beds mate. If you can be bothered towing or cruising to Port Geo mariner, you will do a lot better there towards Wannerup

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thanks mate!. much

Tue, 2023-01-24 15:21

thanks mate!. much appreciated.