Furuno 627

 Pretty happy the picture I was getting with only a 600w tranny pulled our limit of Ruby's from this

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Double post

Sun, 2015-05-24 06:13


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Far out I thought you would

Sun, 2015-05-24 06:12

Far out I thought you would of had your gain an 10 in that depth

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 wow good work with the

Sun, 2015-05-24 14:33

 wow good work with the 660wat.

tranny mount?


wish I was fishing

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pretty awesome for

Mon, 2015-05-25 01:18

pretty awesome for 600W!

Standard P-66 tranny?

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 Yeah mate standard p66

Mon, 2015-05-25 05:03

 Yeah mate standard p66 running the tvg on high and settings from a few post I've read of hear and a lot playing around and learning how to use it, this being the end result 

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New 588 and P66

Fri, 2017-09-22 20:09

Well I made the big decision after a talk with the blokes at Taylor Marine about the depths we usually fish in over the "dog 'n' bone" it was off to the Boat Show where after some more chin wagging I bought a 588 and a P66 trannie. Pick the new toy up from Henderson on Tuesday, will have the Raymarine DS600X with the 500 watt transducer for sale after the new toy is fitted, haven't decided how much it's worth as yet but if anyone is interested give me a yell.