Planning a 2-3 week fishing trip from Perth - Exmouth & beyond

Hows it going?

Since i work away and hardly get the time to do local fishing, or much fishing at all. I am trying to tee up with a mate ( living in Brisbane) and take some time off work in July-August to travel from perth to Exmouth or beyond and fish fish fish LBG hardcore.

Ive got a Nissan Patrol GQ which will be pretty well set up to handle the Offroad stuff. We also plan to camp out along the way and do it all pretty basic if need be.


Got most of the gear i suspect we will need to tackle some big bad fish. But still not 100% sure what to expect and would like any advice on gear that you expect would be essential or that you have found to be very much needed that could easily be forgotten.


Im used to fishing rocks, similar to areas down in Albany/Bremer Bay. Will be trying to berly the areas up and send out live baits, or throw poppers. Pretty keen on sending some Helium Balloons out, but have not done so before.. though i have read all about them and think we should be prepared to give that a go.


Any places you could reccommend that would be good to stop at for a day or two along the way? Any good campsites that would be well worth booking into?

Any places to stay away from?

Any places that i would need to organise prior to just turning up that would be well worth doing? I was looking into Quoba, that kind of situation with the basic chalets could be nice for few days.


Im basically very very keen to get up there and give anything a go that will produce some crazy adventures and possibility of some crazy LBG fishing. 

... But i am also very nervous about heading that far away. I have been as far as Kalbarri, fished the cliffs and such.. 


Anyways, anything you guys can give me info wise would be awesome.





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Fri, 2012-03-16 14:23

your in for a hell of a trip! dont berley up there, way too many sharks. quobba is the go! get onto the ranger up there just incase its busy, also he likes to know whos coming through, you can also rent freezer space still i think. very good stretch of coast, dont let the locals know your a fifo worker;p

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went up a while back, didn't

Fri, 2012-03-16 20:02

went up a while back, didn't get much, but the most action was at lermonth jetty and at the cape going towards the lighthouse caravan park.

just through some poppers or some twisties around and u should get into the local population of queenies and trevally.

if u want u can try down at the national park off the rocks there. u can get some good spangled emperor with soft plastics there as well as queenies.

if u want to try some balloning, espeicially for sharks, u have to try bundegi.

hope this helped u a bit.

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 i second that barcelona,

Sat, 2012-03-17 09:58

 i second that barcelona, bundegi is the place for sharks, dont even need to ballon chuck out on old fish head about 15-20 metere and wait ten minutes an ya on :)



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Great info guys. thanks!Im

Sat, 2012-03-17 18:53

Great info guys. thanks!

Im just very used to doing serious LBG missions with heaps of berly (NZ style), just to get the bait fish swarming in. Thats true about the sharks though, have only had a few serious sessions messed up by them in the past. From what i understand they are in plague proportion alot of the times up those ways.. not smart to give them extra temptations i guess. haha.

Any good places on the way up to Exmouth to get Bait and Berly?? Im planning to get some decent 20ltr buckets and salt a heap of bait before hand.


What about places to stay up those ways.. any top recommendations?