Setup for Beach/Rocks fishing

Hey guys,

Looking for some advice on a good set up for beach fishing in terms of Rod/Reel and line loading. Species being targetted would be Mulloway, Salmon, maybe Snapper in the Winter storms, Tailor etc. Not really sure where to start, but would prefer it didn't destroy my piggy bank. Any help or suggestions would be great, my current rod is ok but its very old (my dad's first rod...nearly belongs in an Antique store) and the reel is getting towards its last legs.

Also would take any suggestions on rigs to use for Mulloway or Tailor.




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beach/rock outfit

Wed, 2010-12-01 06:16

hi mate , i recommend you go into your local tackleworld store and they will help you out there are quite a few decent options that won't break the bank   cheers

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Need more info on price.

Wed, 2010-12-01 18:14

Need more info on price.

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Wed, 2010-12-01 18:34

What rod do you have because some of the older rods are as good if not better than some of the beach rods that are put out now. IMO

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The older rod, price

Wed, 2010-12-01 18:48

Ok. By older rod I mean a 1970's red fibreglass rod with a wooden butt on it, brandless as well so no help there. So I am guessing that qualifies as really really old. Its also only 9-10ft, mind you a newer reel might make it more useable. Doesn't exactly have much casting oomph as it would require a hell of a lot of weight to load it.

Price wise I probably wouldn't want to blow more than $300 on an outfit (Rod/Reel) though this may not include a loading for the reel, I am happy to spend a little on this seperately.

I might be able to find my circa 1990's beach fishing rod (Not sure on size, I think 12ft, I believe its somewhere at my parents house) which I used on Fraser Island, catching dart and Tailor way back. It was a collapsable though, and I am not sure on peoples opinions on these. Somehow don't think it cost alot at the time though. If I did find this and you reckoned it might wash as reasonable I'd probably just get a decent reel and load it up with some combination of mono or braid.


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Wed, 2010-12-01 19:15

Don't knock the older rods, my 3 are all round 30-35 years old and can still outcast lots of the new ones.

They are all Butterworths, 1 x 8132, 1 x 8144 and 1 x 9144, the first number is how many wraps of fibre glass used in making it.

The more wraps the stronger the rod.

A lot depends on what you want to catch, where you fish, your build  [how strong you are] ,egg beater or overhead and what lb line you want to use.

Have a think about it then head down to a reputable tackle shot with all the above info and they will be able to fix you up. Its a waste of time getting something that is too light so that you cannot belt a live/big bait out or feel small whiting / herring bites on something that looks like a telegraph pole if you get my drift.

Myself I would be looking at a 12 foot x 7-8 wrap with 20-30lb line that will cover nearly everything mentioned

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Reels start with a penn

Wed, 2010-12-01 20:04

Reels start with a penn spinfisher 850/950 can get these for about $150 on special. Then you move up from there. Dont think I would consider anything cheaper imo. I use a saragosa 18000 (bout $400) for my 12 footer. Plenty of others use this reel too. Dont know much about the daiwa offerings so some1 else might comment here.