Squid Jags

 I went squidding on Thursday in Cockburn and used both Jigs and Jags.

We didn't do too badly ending up with about 15 squid.

I think we could have done much better on the jags if they had been finer, sharper and maybe had barbs.

When using Jags, the float would frequently dissapear under water but as soon as we put pressure on the line, we would feel weight and then the squid would drop off. We only actually landed 2 on Jags, but had at leat 10 hits on the Jags.

On getting home, I checked through my tackle and found these Owner SQ06 jags and I think they would work great and I would like to try buy some more. Does anyone know if these are stocked in Perth ?. Picture attached




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 not too sure anout where to

Sun, 2017-11-19 00:16

 not too sure anout where to find the pencil jigs (jags)

but what i have found with using pencil jigs is that the bait, presumably herry or a whiting, sit too low and the head generally covers the actual hooks, so when you do try and set the hooks, with quite an aggresive strike, the bait covers the hooks 

what i generally do is try to keep the head of the bait out of the base of the hooks.

now that i think of it for the double row of hooks on pencil jigs, what you have found, are generally labled for use for octopus.

if you keep the bait from covering you hooks, you will find a greater hook up rate. 

thanks, Nathan 

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 Don’t know where to buy

Sun, 2017-11-19 07:52

 Don’t know where to buy those particular pencil jags... but from experience generally hardly ever actually catch them on the jags even if they are double barbed. When squid latch on pull in slowly then when close to Boat throw prawny over (squid jig) behind pencil jag and if don’t land on jag then when squid comes off they nearly always attack prawny. Works a treat